Brad Barrows

Github Repository Statistics command line tool grst

Github Repository Statistics

I wanted a VERY simple way to view Github statistics for all my public repos and couldn't find a tool to do this. Especially nothing lightweight and without a bunch of dependencies I didn't want to install.

This command line tool: grst will list all your public repos on the command line with all of the available traffic statistics.

This includes number of clones, views, referrer information and paths.

At the very end a sorted list of repos by clone and view count is also listed. Just to make it easy to figure out which repo from the first printout you might want to review.

In order to use this either set the environment variables GITHUB_USERNAME and GITHUB_TOKEN or just answer the prompts.

The repository is at: githubRepoStatistics

Here is an image showing the tail end of the output:

An image of the output of grst

To use run:

npm install -g githubRepoStatistics