Convert any video format to a gif

Converting any video format supported by ffmped to a gif

I have 2 helpful bash/zsh functions I use often.

The first one uses gifsicle to compress the gif further and remove some frames. The second shouldn't have as much loss.

function convertMov2Gif() {
  ffmpeg -i $1 -pix_fmt rgb8 -r 10 $1.gif && gifsicle -O3 $1.gif -o $1.gif
alias mov2gif=convertMov2Gif

function video2gifNoLoss() {
  ffmpeg -i $1 -pix_fmt rgb8 $1.gif

To use to convert a mp4 to a gif:

video2gifNoLoss someVideo.mp4

Or convert a mov to a gif:



brew install gifsicle ffmpeg